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WasteParts UK Ltd stock the Eco Drive Assistant (EDA) from TELMA!

Get some control over your running costs as well as helping the environment. Specifically designed to benefit fleets with ‘Stop and Go’ type applications just like in the Waste Industry.

It can save you on average a whopping 8% on fuel costs per year.

  • Fuel savings between 5 and 12%
  • Maintenance Free
  • Less driveline abuse
  • No CANbus Link
  • No driver restriction
  • Reduced CO2 emmisions
  • Less Fuel Consumption
  • Speed and/or RPM limiter
  • Low ROI period (less than a year!)

Eco Drive Assistant Installation

The Eco Drive Assistant can be installed on any vehicle with an electronic throttle and can be installed on new vehicles or retrofitted. For more information regarding this product please call us on (+44) 0345 257 8051, Request A Quote or email the team.

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